Glass Egg


The elegant Glass Egg is a must accessory for pleasure and play.

The toy is perfect for strengthening and training your pelvic floor muscles (we say yes to stronger O’s and no for urine leaks). Pop one in for a quick yoga sesh or carry your daily activities – your pelvic floor will be doing the work without your attention. For kegel novices we recommend wearing the Egg for maximum of 15-30 minutes at a time to prevent over working the muscles.

For exploring pleasure: reach that full sensation by keeping one in during penetration or experiment with clitoral stimulation while hatching. The Egg can be warmed up or cooled down for exploring sensations.

The eggs are designed for vaginal use and made of body safe borosilicate glass. The size and shape might slightly vary as the items are individually hand crafted. The removable string helps with inserting and taking off the toy.

The size of the egg is approx 4.5 x 3 cm. Storage pouch included.