Rose Eggs

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The crystal eggs are the perfect accessory for those who are in the quest of exploring their bodies. As a stone, rose quartz promotes love, self- love and inner healing.

Either training pelvic floor muscles or spicing up your sex life, the eggs come in three different sizes, which makes them suitable for variety of fitness levels and activities. Start with the heaviest one (the biggest is easiest to keep in!) and go down in size when you are able to hold it with ease. We recommend wearing one for maximum of 15 minutes at a time to prevent over working the muscles. Normal activities can be carried out when doing the exercise, as your pelvic floor will be doing the work without your attention.

For exploring pleasure with the eggs try clitoral stimulation while squeezing one in or use the eggs during penetration for a fuller sensation.

The eggs comes in a set of three, storage pouch included.