Toy care

Cleanliness is half a meal. Besides regular washes with normal household soap, here is our recommendations how to keep your toys shiny and play partners happy:

Bondage tape

Our self-adhesive PVC bondage tape is reusable and can be wipe cleaned with warm water and a cloth. Store on a roll between usage. 

When playing with others, make sure to check with them regularly to avoid any unwanted discomfort.

Cock rings

Our rings are made of silicone for a snug fit, and the adjustable beads gives you flexibility to tighten or release the grip easily if any discomfort occurs. Clean with warm water and hand soap (dishwashing liquid works well too) before and after use. Dry well.

Glass wands and plugs

Clean with warm water and soap before and after use. The glass toys are non-porous and easy to keep clean and hygienic. If needed, you can sanitise glass toys by placing them in boiling water up to 5 minutes. These durable toys can easily last a life time when looked after correctly!

Our glass toys come with bulbous ends, which makes them perfect for both anal and vaginal play. A friendly reminder - what has been in the bum can't go in the vag without a good clean, as these destinations have different flora.


We stock non-staining, water and silicone based lubricants that are safe to use with glass toys. Our lubes are suitable for anal, oral and vaginal play. 

Nipple clamps

Wash with soap and warm water after use. Dry well. 

If the clamps are worn for a lengthy period of time, remember to check that the skin is not changing colour and that the blood flow is sufficient.


The rope is suitable for reliable suspensions, shibari and kinbaku style tying.

The rope is machine washable in 40c. Wash with similar colours or separately, running an empty program after is recommended. The natural (un dyed) rope might have shrinkage after washing. 

Yoni eggs

Crystal eggs should be treated with a bath in boiled water after every use. Bring a kettle of water to boil, let it cool down just a little and let the eggs in for 5 minutes. As crystals are porous, it's not recommended to use fully boiling water, as this might lead the material to crack making it unfit for use. 

The pull strings can be replaced, we recommend unwaxed dental floss.

Do not use the eggs during menstruation or pregnancy or if suffering from bacterial imbalance.